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Log Homes

We use only Eastern White Cedar logs for their resistance to insects and rot, and the fact that white cedar is the best wood for thermal value, which makes our log homes the easiest for heating and cooling.  White cedar also has the advantage of superior stability when dry, which means our homes will not shrink over time.  This is a distinct advantage since it means that windows, doors and interior walls don't have to be adjusted each year like many of our competitors homes.

The logs we purchase are dried in our yard prior to processing.  After selecting the best logs for the log walls, the other logs are sawn and milled for all sorts of cedar products like decking, railings, trim, log siding and garden sheds and paneling, the sawdust and shavings is sold for livestock bedding or mulch.

Our log profiles include 7", 8", or 9" round wall with triple tongue and groove and saddle notch corners.  The log package is cut and milled in our plant then shipped to site to be assembled.  Assembly usually takes less than two days.  We will also build a rustic, non-machined profile with butt and pass corners.

Type of roofing, window, doors, interior and exterior finishing details are selected by the clients with a wide variety of choices.

All floor plans are custom designed to suit the clients requirements.  There is a variety of plans available, but we like to say that no two homes are exactly the same.

We will arrange for all or any details you want, whether Frontier looks after the project from start to finish.  We have no travel limits and have gone as far afield as Japan and the Bahamas.