Whiskey Island
Whiskey Island





  • What type of logs do you use?
    • We use only Eastern White Cedar, most of our logs come from the Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin or Eganville.

  • How do I maintain a log home?
    • You have to maintain your log home like any other home.  We encourage staining your log home for warranty.  There are many stain companies that offer superior protection.   We like to see a maintenance coat every three to five years, this is based on the product, wear and conditions surrounding your home.

  • What about insects?
    • Most insects do not like cedar, but we encourage staining as this also works to keep insects away.

  • What is a Shell Package
    • Our shell package consists of:  sub floor on your foundation, logs up, interior framing, log routering for electriclal wiring, windows & doors, roof trusses or rafters, 30 year asphalt shingles, soffit, fascia and trim and any porches or decks.

  • What is the R value in log homes?
    • Logs are not usually rated using the R value system, however the equivalent value for a 9" seasoned cedar log probably exceeds an R value of 35.  Logs are rated using thermal mass values which means the log retains warmth for an extended period of time and will radiate that warmth back into the home.  The opposite effect takes place in the summer.

  • How much work does Frontier Log Homes do?
    • Frontier Log Homes will look after as much or as little of the project as you like.  FLH will arrange for designing your home, building permits, foundation to finish.

  • What does the customer have to do?
    • The customer has to come up with a concept of what their home will be.  A simple floor plan hand drawn works fine, as we have a designer who will work with you to fine tune your design.  From your plan we and give you a basic budget on a shell package.